Movie Production

Sacramento Outdoor Movies produce dozens of events every year for cities, schools, non-profits and businesses in and around the greater Sacramento area. We can accommodate crowds up to 1000 people with a bright, clear picture and superior sound quality. We will provide all the equipment and staffing you will need to present your outdoor movie. This includes the screen, the projector, the sound system and if needed, a generator to power it all up. We can project your movie from the front or rear of the screen. Rear projection is especially convenient when lots of children will be attending the show as all the equipment and cables are behind the screen which eliminates the possibility of tripping. Rear projection also provides a completely unobstructed view of the movie for the audience.

Below is a detailed list of the equipment we bring to each show.

  • 25’x14’ inflatable projection screen, front or rear projection.
    (Measurements refer to viewable screen area.) Footprint is 30’ x 20’ x 15’
  • Sanyo XP57 5500 lumen LCD projector with three optional lenses
  • Professional stereo sound system with JBL speakers, subwoofers and Crown amplification (2400 watts)
  • Mackie 14 channel audio mixing board
  • Shure wireless microphone
  • Kramer multi-channel video switcher
  • Denon DVD/Blu-ray player
  • Denon CD/DVD player
  • Exit lighting
  • Honda 5000 watt generator
  • Family friendly pre-show background music.
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