Site Survey
If we are putting on a show at an unfamiliar location, we like to visit the site with a representative of the sponsoring organization to decide on an exact location for the screen as well as any other logistical issues we may encounter. This site survey should be scheduled at least three days before the show date.

Testing Your Movie

To insure that your movie runs smoothly, we like to run a test of the movie a few days before the show date. Generally you will receive your movie from the licensing company 3-4 days before your show date. At this time we can pick up the movie from you and run the movie through our own equipment to make sure there are no glitches or freeze ups. If a problem does occur, you should contact the licensing company and inform them of the situation. Generally they will simply instruct you to rent a movie from a video store. Sacramento Outdoor Movies will be happy to obtain this back-up copy from a video rental store at our cost.

Set-up Procedure

We generally arrive 2-3 hours before the scheduled show time. The screen will be inflated and staked down in about an hour. The sound and video system will be set up and playing background music within two hours. The sound system will also be available for any announcement. Video alignment will take place around 45 minutes before Showtime. After that we may begin to display any pre-show video you may have to offer. The movie will then begin at the prescribed time usually around 30 minutes after sundown. Click for Sunset Schedules.